Songdang Arts Assocition


    The Songdang Arts Association is a non-profit organization established to commemorate the business philosophy and achievements of the late Park, Byung-gyu, founder of Haitai Confectionery. During a difficult time for everyone, he contributed to the development of South Korea by starting a food and beverage business. In remembrance of his accomplishments, and as a tribute to his love of music before he became an entrepreneur, the association was named after his pen name 'Songdang' (松堂).

    The Songdang Arts Association, consisting of businesspeople who share the same aspirations and classical music experts from various fields and backgrounds, aims to promote the musical excellence of Koreans to the world. Through competitions and auditions, the association seeks to discover young musical talents and provide them with performance opportunities in Europe and the United States. This is the main focus of the association.

    In addition, the Songdang Arts Association will collaborate with its affiliated organization, the New Jersey Sinfonietta, to promote classical music to the public and contribute to the local community through a variety of performance activities, including orchestral concerts, solo recitals, chamber ensemble performances, and charity concerts. The association will strive to make classical music more accessible to the public and actively engage in community outreach efforts.

    We ask for your interest and support as the Songdang Arts Association strives to become a gateway for young artists to leap into the world.

    Park, Jihyun
    Songdang Arts Association

Executive Members

Park, Gunbae

Honorary President

(Former) Chairman of Haitai Group
Owner of Haitai Tigers
President of Korea Scout Federation
President of Korea Weightlifting Federation

Park, Jihyun


President of New Jersey Sinfonietta

Advisory Board

Jiyeon Cho|Violinist

Taeyoung Lee|Conductor

Yonghoon Cho|Lawyer